If you want to close the cycle
you have to think ahead

If you want to close the cycle you have to think ahead

Our mission to build trust and incentivise the use of recycled materials

Our mission to build trust and incentivise the use of recycled materials

ecoloop – The mission to promote trust and incentivise the use of recycled materials.

ecoloop is a voluntary certification programme for producers, recyclers, processors and manufacturers of a wide range of products.

This certification demonstrates to their customers that their products contribute to the circular economy by using recycled materials.

All companies that have their products certified support the goal of increasing the demand for recycled materials and thus actively contribute to promoting the circular economy.

The objectives of ecoloop are:

to document the shared responsibility of raw material producers, recyclers, processors and manufacturers.

Building trust in products made from recycled materials.

Creating a common understanding of the use and benefits of recycled materials.

Contributing to the circular economy by promoting the use of recycled materials.

ecoloop pursues these goals as part of its mission to promote the sustainable use of resources and reduce environmental impact. The certification and cooperation of the companies involved raises awareness of the importance of the circular economy and makes an important contribution to protecting our environment.

ecoloop pursues these goals as part of its mission to promote the sustainable use of resources and reduce environmental impact. The certification and cooperation of the companies involved raises awareness of the importance of the circular economy and makes an important contribution to protecting our environment.

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Yes, I would like to be an ecoloop.network partner

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Yes, I would like to be an ecoloop.network partner

Yes, I would like to be an ecoloop.network partner

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Certified products according to the ecoloop.certification.programme

Certified products according to the ecoloop.certification.programme

Here you will find an overview of the products that have been certified as part of the ecoloop certification programme.

Each product is part of the circular economy, because in each case natural raw materials have been replaced by recycled raw materials.

You will find the certified products here:

Partner of the ecoloop.network.mission

Here is an overview of the companies that support our goals and are committed to a more circular economy.

Through certification and collaboration, each company has raised awareness of the importance of the circular economy and made an important contribution to protecting our environment.

cetin plastik

Cetin Plastik evaluates Plastic Waste Management and plastic-related environmental issues on a global scale and offers solutions.

With 3 licensed factories and a production capacity of 5000 tons per month, we import plastic waste from Europe and the UK and produce recycled granules in three different grades Black, Blue and Natural and export it to several countries around the world.

As Cetin Plastik family, we will continue to work with all our strength for a cleaner environment and a cleaner world.


Vartdal Plastindustri AS was founded in 1961 by Jan Vartdal. In 1965 the company was the first in the world to produce fish boxes made of expandable polystyrene (EPS). The company is built on innovation and hard work in close cooperation with customers. Innovation and product development have always been at the centre of the company’s activities. Todaythe company is run by the third generation and the brand name Vartdal Plast is among the leading in Norway when it comes to products made from EPS for food packaging, technical packaging and insulation products for the building and construction business.

Focus on resource use

With production in all parts of Norway, we do our utmost to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. We have strict environmental management procedures for our production.
Ensuring efficient use of natural resources is an important part of our environmental work.


DRIMER was founded in 2000 as a family company in response to DIY market demands for protective HDPE foils produced in sheets .After a couple of years the company extended its operating area on PROFI market and introduced LDPE painter foils (manufactured from regranulates and primary raw materials) available in flat version and in rolls, very often used by the professionals.

The company started the continuous development and modernization process of the equipment resources and automation at the end of the first decade of the 2000s. It resulted in an increase of production capacities and scale of production allowing meeting the demands of the leading European and global distributors of the painting tools.

The management of the company made a decision on the purchase of 2ha of industrial lands with infrastructure at the premises of the former chemical plants in Toruń in 2014. In 2017, after alterations and conversions of the production and warehouse buildings the company operates on 12,000 sq. m area and is still expanding its offer with, among others, three-layer foils, used in the packaging industry.

In 2018 DRIMER transferred assets in kind to DRIMER sp. z o.o. sp.k. This year also, company bought 8-colours flexo-printer and started to produce printed packaging film for the customers. Nowadays DRIMER has one of the biggest machinery park among all the painting foil producers, company has also its own recycling unit in which DRIMER reverse their own production waste.

Years of investing and focus on the innovations resulted in a high position on the painting and packaging materials market and trust of the satisfied customers.


The company MATEO PACKING s.r.o. is a leading Czech manufacturer of packaging materials. We have been operating on the market since 1992 and we have developed from a trading company into one of the largest processors of LDPE foils in the Czech Republic.

We specialize in the recycling of packaging materials, especially LDPE and HDPE films. We process waste foils on 6 recycling lines with a monthly capacity of 900 tons of produced regranulate. We purchase foils from municipalities and cities, collection yards and companies dealing with waste management. Plastic recycling contributes to environmental protection, recycle with us!

Production of foils, semi-hoses and waste bags

We produce new packaging materials from recycled regranulate on 20 modern extruders. We produce up to 14,000 tons of polyethylene foils, semi-hoses and waste bags a year. We continuously modernize, expand and adapt the current production and storage facilities in the village of Újezdec u Luštěnic to customer requirements.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products, advantageous prices and short delivery times.


For more than four decades now, KELMAPLAST has been one of the leading European manufacturers of polyethylene tape products for the protection, location and identification of pipe and cable lines and for use as cordons and markers.

These include barrier tapes, detectable tapes, cable protection tapes, underground warning tapes and cable marking bands. The portfolio is supplemented by adhesive tapes, barrier chains and safety fences. As a special service Kelmaplast offers individual PE sheet production on customer request.

The highest product-specific technical standards along with innovative developments tailored closely to our customers’ requirements stand for uncompromising quality in every respect.

Environmental awareness is also a key element of our philosophy and one we apply in all of our day-to-day business activities, as demonstrated by our sustainable approach to resources, increasing use of water-based printing inks and our participation in the ecoloop.network.


Nylene is specialty nylon manufacturer that provides technically innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to the global plastics industries.

At Nylene, we recognize that our customer’s plastics needs extend beyond their finished products. Our nylon production processes incorporate closed-loop environmental advantages that allow us to offer recycling programs specific to our customer’s needs. Through our nylon recovery efforts, we demonstrate our long-term commitment to conserving natural resources, minimizing waste, and meeting our customer’s specification, cost, and environmental requirements.

De-polymerization Recycling Program

Using a process called de-polymerization we convert post-industrial nylon 6 waste back to its starting monomer, caprolactam, which can be used interchangeably with virgin caprolactam to make new nylon 6 polymers with recycled content. This is a fully integrated system that is capable of producing high quality polymers with varying levels of recycled content. Nylene Canada has been depolymerizing nylon 6 waste internally and from other sources around the world since 1966.

Resource Recovery Capabilities

We are uniquely equipped to take our customer’s regrind and other sources of alternative feed stock and return them to original quality. As manufactures of prime product, we can also blend material and additives to enhance performance of our customer’s products. This effort closes the product life cycle, and allows us to produce both environmentally friendly, cost advantaged products, as well as offer comparable quality virgin material equivalents.

About Nylene Canada Inc.

Nylene Canada, Inc., is an established manufacturer of polymers, nylon compounds, and engineered plastics. Nylene manufactures cationic, deep and regular dye polymers for fiber extrusion and supplies polymer to the compounding market. Nylene Canada also produces its own compounded nylon polymers for use in wire and cable applications.


The Pyrum Innovations AG is an innovative recycling and plant construction company based in Germany and Luxembourg. The worldwide patented Pyrum recycling process is unique and cannot be compared to any existing recycling process.

The Pyrum Innovations Group is mainly engaged in the development, construction and operation of specially developed recycling technologies in the field of used tyres, plastic waste, CFRP, minerals, bitumen and other complex waste. The recycling process presented here is already marketed worldwide and delivered turnkey ready.

Berry bpi – Nordfolien

NORDFOLIEN is the innovative specialist of premium quality industrial and consumer packaging which has applications in almost every sector and field. Highest quality, top service and absolute dependability are the basis of our group’s success.

Apart from industrial bag packaging for the chemical industry as well as films for transport and pallet protection we also develop and produce packaging for peat and wood processing, building industry and the food sector.

We are seriously committed to conservation. It is our aim to protect the environment in all areas that fall within our field of access. This is documented by our co-generation plant for the combined generation of power and heat and our own purpose-built NOREC process.

The environmental compatibility of our products is constantly being further developed by our product development specialists.


LyondellBasell’s Wesseling/Knapsack Complex includes two manufacturing sites in the chemical region of Cologne/Rhineland that operate as an integrated facility. The Wesseling site began operation in 1953 and today comprises more than 2.7 square kilometres.
It is LyondellBasell’s largest facility in Europe. The Knapsack site, about 15 kilometers from the Wesseling site, began operation in 1970 and is located in the Chemiepark Knapsack, near the town of Hürth.

Our commitment as a socially responsible company means that we operate our facilities in a manner that protects people and the environment and preserves our world for future generations. Operational Excellence is our commitment to reliably and flawlessly execute our operations to meet our goals in safety, environmental stewardship and efficiency.

Operational Excellence enables us to build a sustainable future for ourselves and the many communities we serve.


BPM GmbH is a family-owned, internationally active company with a focus on the disposal and recycling of plastic production residues. We manufacture regrinds and regranulates from pure residual plastics.

We currently produce over 1,500 tonnes of regrind and regranulate per month. With an annual production of 20,000 tonnes, we have a turnover of around twelve million euros.

Founded in 1993 by Peter Gribbe under the name Bösel Recycling Management GmbH, our company has been managed for more than 15 years by his daughter, the managing partner Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe. She has developed BPM into a producer of high-quality regranulates and a developer of sustainable disposal concepts.


The Draak family, entrepreneurs based in Hamburg/Germany, recognized the enormous potential of plastics recycling in the late 1950’s and began to specialize in processing clean manufacturing scrap purchased from plastics converters. Today RSH POLYMERE GmbH is a specialist for recycling and recompounding high-quality polymers and sells in-house manufactured recycle grades and recompounds used in extruded and injection-moulded products for wide-ranging applications in the automotive, construction , consumer goods and packaging industries.

By recycling plastics, RSH verifiably contributes to conservation and protection of finite natural resources today and for generations to come. When recycled, plastic scrap – instead of being incinerated or discarded in nature – is returned to a useful and sustainable utilization cycle.

The process recovers high-quality raw materials for reuse while at the same time avoiding substantial CO2 emissions. This has been proven and confirmed by assessments made in collaboration with an independent technical institute. Our regranulates and compounds replace virgin resins, thereby realizing emission savings of 83 – 93% CO2e as compared to the same weight of virgin stock.

These enormous savings help conserve natural resources and also highlight the importance of recycling on a widespread scale. This trend has been widely recognized by leading consumer goods and automotive manufacturers, many of which specify sustainability as a key criterion for contract awarding to their suppliers.


Rodepa Plastics BV was founded in 2006 as a Dutch family business and is now a leading innovator and supplier in plastics recycling.
We are a sister company of De Paauw Plasticrecycling (founded in 1956).

At our plant in the Netherlands, we produce 25,000 MT of regranulate and 10,000 MT of regrind, suitable for extrusion and injection moulding. Our in-house quality monitoring, access to a steady supply of raw materials and understanding of today’s markets enable us to offer you the partnership and expertise you need to succeed.

Based in a country made up partially of land reclaimed from the North Sea by visionary engineers, we at Rodepa have a natural knack for both technology and the creation of new resources from apparently unusable material.

Our expertise lies in converting plastic residuals of all kinds into high-value solutions for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications worldwide. As a European leader in our market, we offer you reliable and highly versatile plastic materials, a steady stream of innovation opportunities – and a share in a more sustainable future.

At Rodepa we strive to give plastics the right place in today’s world. We discuss with our customers how we can handle their waste streams or provide them with new resources professionally, cost-effectively and sustainably.