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Commercial Waste Ordinance

Separate collection rate

As a waste producer of commercial municipal waste, you are obliged under the Commercial Waste Ordinance to collect certain waste fractions separately at the point of origin, i.e. at the company. Construction and demolition waste must be separated and sorted directly on the construction site. Together with the Commercial Waste Ordinance, the so-called separate collection rate is being introduced. It specifies the percentage by mass of commercial municipal waste generated in the company that is separated directly on site. For companies that can prove a separate collection rate of at least 90 per cent by mass, the downstream sorting obligation for remaining mixed fractions does not apply. However, precise requirements are linked to the proof of the corresponding separate collection rate. The records must be checked and confirmed by an authorised expert and submitted to the competent authorities by 31 March of the following year at their request.

External control

Operators of pre-treatment facilities must ensure that their facility fulfils certain technical requirements and achieves the required sorting and recycling rates. In addition, the operator is obliged to constantly monitor incoming and outgoing waste. All actions must be documented in an operating log. To confirm compliance with these obligations, the ordinance requires that external inspections be carried out by an independent body within the first two months of each year. The documentation and the results of the external inspection must be submitted to the competent authority. We are an appropriately registered independent body.


With the amendment to the Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV), which came into force on 1 August 2017, the legislator has more clearly anchored the waste management hierarchy in the area of household-type commercial waste. The aim is to reduce mixed commercial waste. Until now, this waste has been recycled directly or with minimal sorting. There is now a clear obligation to separately collect and transport certain types of waste, which must then be recycled to the highest possible quality.

In contrast to the past, the waste producer now has a documentation obligation and can therefore be monitored by the authorities. We support you with the documentation and issue a mandatory certificate in accordance with § 4 Para. 5 GewAbfV if you achieve a separation rate of at least 90%. If you do not achieve this target, we will analyse the reasons and possibilities for improvement. If this is still not achievable, there is the possibility of a further expert certificate with regard to exceptional circumstances. In this case, undefined legal terms of the GewAbfV must be interpreted and assessed with reference to your individual case. This reduces legal uncertainties for you as the waste producer and shifts the responsibility to us as publicly appointed experts.

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