Packaging analysis

This involves determining whether product-responsible manufacturers have fulfilled their obligations with regard to the participation of packaging in take-back systems. Larger manufacturers are subject to inspection.

We act as registered auditors in this area. We check declarations of completeness in accordance with the Packaging Act on the basis of standardised, software-supported processes. These are both a prerequisite and the basis for a large number of test cases with proven high quality.

In addition to typical reconciliations, calculations and checks, assembly and functional tests are a central element of our audit.

Testing recyclability

We assess recyclability as an independent absolute evaluation parameter for closing material cycles and the associated ecological and economic added value. The latter always in the context of the characteristic “recyclable material”.

Recyclability is the individual gradual suitability of packaging or a product to actually replace material-identical virgin material in the post-consumer phase; “actually” means that collection and recycling structures on an industrial scale are a prerequisite.

Declaration of completeness

Manufacturers and distributors who place more than e.g. 30 tonnes of plastic packaging subject to system participation on the market each year must submit an annual declaration of completeness to the Central Agency Packaging Register for the packaging materials they place on the market.

Our experts for packaging disposal support you in determining the data, protect you from the pitfalls of legal requirements and confirm your declaration of completeness with the legally required electronic signature.

Plant inspection

“Final recyclers” are the operators of plants that produce marketable products from waste or secondary raw materials. This status forms the economic basis of these companies:

Only final recyclers are authorised to process waste volumes from the sorting of dual systems. The status assessment takes place every two years and may only be carried out by certain auditors. We are among them.

Quantity flow test

As part of product responsibility, the legislature requires many manufacturers/distributors to maintain a quantity flow record and document the required quotas.

We advise you on how to create the quantity flow or check your documentation and your quantity flow in accordance with the legal requirements of the Packaging Act and the “Test Guidelines for Quantity Flow Verification Systems” of the Central Packaging Register Office.

Sorting analysis

Sorting analyses are the basis for managing and monitoring waste management targets, particularly with regard to increasing the quantity and quality of recycling. They are an essential prerequisite for a fair distribution of success and costs in the area of recycling bins between municipalities and dual systems and for the shared use of the blue paper bin. Sorting analyses also serve as a measurement criterion for the efficiency of waste management logistics and the separation of mixtures. With a methodology based on expertise and experience, we ensure the result by means of the following specifications:

  • the general test setup
  • the sample size (individual size, periodicity)
  • the sorting depth (fractions, allocations)
  • the documentation.

We either carry out the sorting analysis ourselves or monitor the client’s procedure with regard to the (undisputed) utilisation of the results.


Our many years of intensive involvement in the areas of waste and secondary raw materials management as well as professional qualifications in the municipal sector form the basis for our broad consulting expertise in this area. Where necessary, we also involve associated companies or external experts (e.g. lawyers, engineers, IT specialists) and also provide our clients with indirect information from a broad industry network.

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