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Commercial Waste Ordinance

Our comprehensive training on the Commercial Waste Ordinance provides you and your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to implement the regulations efficiently and effectively. In this training course, we cover the following core topics:

  • Fundamentals and objectives of the Commercial Waste Regulations: Understand the legal background, objectives and importance of the ordinance for your business.
  • Requirements and practical implementation: Learn about the specific requirements of the Commercial Waste Ordinance and how to implement them in your business, including the separation and disposal of waste.
  • Obligations for pre-treatment facilities: Learn more about the specific responsibilities and technical requirements placed on pre-treatment facilities.
  • Case studies and interactive elements: Gain an in-depth understanding of how to successfully implement the regulation in practice through practical examples and interactive workshops.
  • Current developments and future outlook: Stay up to date with the latest changes and future trends in waste management.

Our training is designed to provide you not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with practical solutions and strategies to optimally integrate the requirements of the Commercial Waste Ordinance into your organisation. Register now and make sure that your company is up to date in terms of waste management!

Packaging Act

The Packaging Act presents companies with new challenges, but also offers opportunities for more sustainable business practices. Our training on the Packaging Act offers you comprehensive insights and practical solutions to not only fulfil the legal requirements, but also to use them as an opportunity for your company.

Training content includes:

  • Introduction to the Packaging Act: understand the objectives and legal framework of the Act.
  • Requirements and implementation: Learn how to effectively implement the specific requirements of the law in your company.
  • Registration and data reporting: Learn all about the necessary steps for registration and reporting.
  • Sustainable packaging solutions: Discover ways to combine sustainability and compliance through innovative packaging solutions.
  • Case studies and best practices: Using examples and best practices, we will show you how to successfully integrate the Packaging Act into your business strategy.

Our training is aimed at anyone who has to deal with the requirements of the Packaging Act – from decision-makers to employees in production. Make your company fit for the future and utilise the advantages of an environmentally conscious and legally compliant packaging policy.

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