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Blue Angle

The Blue Angel is the German government’s environmental label for the protection of people and the environment. We carry out Blue Angel testing for various standards, e.g. for products made from recycled plastics (RAL-UZ 30a) or for remanufactured toner modules for electrophotographic printers, copiers and multifunction devices (RAL-UZ 177).

RecyClass Recycled Plastics

RecyClass has developed a validation procedure to assess and calculate the recycled content in plastic products. This testing scheme is mapped by the RecyClass Committee in accordance with the European standard ISO 22095 and EN 15343 for the traceability of recycled content, and traceability criteria of a material or product throughout the entire supply chain and processes, its inputs and outputs as well as related information within these relevant supply chains can be certified by a reproducible testing process across the entire value chain of plastic applications. Manufacturers and distributors of plastic products can thus fulfil the ever more conscious consumer demands for more sustainability by using a transparent and reproducible assessment of the recyclability or secondary raw material content of their products with RecyClass certification, which corresponds to the technological status of European plastics recyclers. This enables recyclable products to be labelled for consumers.

ecoloop – is a mission to build trust and incentivise the use of recycled materials
The aim is to promote and increase high-level recycling and the use of recycled waste-based raw materials. ecoloop is a certification programme for recycling companies as well as processors and manufacturers of raw materials or products. This certification gives their customers the assurance that their products contribute to the circular economy through the use of recycled materials.
All companies that have their products certified support the network in order to increase the need and demand for recycled materials.

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