Nylene is specialty nylon manufacturer that provides technically innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to the global plastics industries.

At Nylene, we recognize that our customer’s plastics needs extend beyond their finished products. Our nylon production processes incorporate closed-loop environmental advantages that allow us to offer recycling programs specific to our customer’s needs. Through our nylon recovery efforts, we demonstrate our long-term commitment to conserving natural resources, minimizing waste, and meeting our customer’s specification, cost, and environmental requirements.

De-polymerization Recycling Program

Using a process called de-polymerization we convert post-industrial nylon 6 waste back to its starting monomer, caprolactam, which can be used interchangeably with virgin caprolactam to make new nylon 6 polymers with recycled content. This is a fully integrated system that is capable of producing high quality polymers with varying levels of recycled content. Nylene Canada has been depolymerizing nylon 6 waste internally and from other sources around the world since 1966.

Resource Recovery Capabilities

We are uniquely equipped to take our customer’s regrind and other sources of alternative feed stock and return them to original quality. As manufactures of prime product, we can also blend material and additives to enhance performance of our customer’s products. This effort closes the product life cycle, and allows us to produce both environmentally friendly, cost advantaged products, as well as offer comparable quality virgin material equivalents.

About Nylene Canada Inc.

Nylene Canada, Inc., is an established manufacturer of polymers, nylon compounds, and engineered plastics. Nylene manufactures cationic, deep and regular dye polymers for fiber extrusion and supplies polymer to the compounding market. Nylene Canada also produces its own compounded nylon polymers for use in wire and cable applications.

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